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how narrow can your mind be? This video makes you (re)think…

No content is inherently boring. If you have something useful to say, don’t be afraid to say it over and over, keeping in mind these ordinary truths demonstrated by an out-of-the-ordinary flight attendant:

  • Revisit your core messages – with a twist.
  • Explore your old content for inspiration.
  • To get attention, pay attention.
  • Ask questions.

Yes, there is a relationship between #SEO and #social. “Although Facebook and Twitter posts are treated like webpages, Google doesn’t index every social media post. Yes, even Google has its limits”

How does it work? Read more:

Expending Airbnb, adding experiences to travelling in an end-to-end journey. “The Airbnb Trips platform now offers 500 experiences to travellers who want to experience local living in the city they are visiting. Now is a time when the openness travel can bring is really important. It helps to broaden horizons and can make the world a smaller place when it feels so distant.”