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Best tips to prepare for a job interview

Content that attracts shares and links; five content formats that have potential to achieve both links and shares:

1.Authoritative content that answers popular questions, such as “what is?”
2.Strong opinion posts and political posts
3.Content that provides original research and insights
4.Content that leverages a trending topic but also provides practical insights
5.Authoritative news content on new products or developments

+ a targeted email to our audience can drive far more traffic than social sharing

Summary: Social sharing is not a content amplification strategy. Even high shares and mentions by influencers do not mean your content will gain links, build authority, or drive traffic. Content amplification is as important as content creation, possibly more so. Thus, for every piece of content you need an amplification strategy.

And another one: how to extend the lifetime of content?

1. Share multiple times to double your content life: e.g. Post title, Quote of an influencer in the post, Data point highlighted in post, Rewritten post title

2. Amplify organic content for double the impact: Identify these posts, Promote your posts across your social media channels, Add short-listed posts to upcoming email newsletters, Measure results of amplification to make sure your post traffic and lead generation patterns conform to the model described above (otherwise, it means your followers are not interested and might quit), Repeat.

3. Use predictive insights to extend life to forever: Because if content is relevant and evergreen, there’s no reason to stop sending traffic to it.

“if you don’t have a documented content strategy, there’s a good chance you don’t have a clear sense of your goals.” Why it is so important to have a content strategy; define who you are (humanizing your brand), define your audience and their needs (outside in), set up your identity (tov, lexicon, visual id), set your goals with funnel and CTA and than… define help, hub, hero and evergreen content + seeding strategy. Wanna know more? Contact me :) #memarketing