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12 email tips

Business email tips, how to compose the best email?

1. Leave the TO field blank until you are ready to press SEND.

2. Use the SUBJECT line to inform rather than simply to identify; it should read like a headline that summarizes your message and draws in the reader.

3. Base your message content on your receiver’s need to know. Consider journalism’s five W’s: Who, What, When, Where, Why (and sometimes How).

4. Use standard grammar and spelling. Go easy on the acronyms, abbreviations and jargon.

5. Use short words, short sentences (eight to 12 words) and short paragraphs (50 words or fewer), with a line of space between paragraphs.

6. Use bullet points and numbers to organize information into tidy chunks.

7. Fill no more than one laptop computer screen with your message.

8. Keep your spell-checking function on, but still reread and proofread your message before sending it out.

9. Avoid attachments whenever possible. If an attachment is necessary, add it before you start to compose your email. We’ve all received or sent emails that refer to missing documents.

10. Reply the same business day, even if it’s just to confirm receipt and advise the sender when you will respond in full.

11. Respond to all questions posed, and try to anticipate others to reduce the number of back-and-forth messages.

12. In an ongoing thread, change the SUBJECT line if the topic changes.


Facebook Groups

Good read on #facebook #groups, why these can be of value for your brand: “If your brand starts a Facebook group, think of yourself as a facilitator rather than a marketer or blogger. You’ll lose the group if you only promote your own work. Based on the groups I’ve been a part of, though, the group owners seem to hit a sweet spot when 70 percent of the posts come from directly the members.” 


Millenials facing 3 problems

Striking similarities with my own experience as a non-millennial. Isn’t this a general company problem and are the millennials the ones finally having the balls to address this? #digital #transformation

1. Using mind-numbingly outdated software and internal processes.
2. Being managed by someone entirely incapable.
3. Working for a company that’s all talk and no walk.

Email is next

“Email—yes, #email—is the next great #mediaplatform

Editorial-focused newsletters are gaining momentum”. Re-rising in your inbox.

“Yet, for all the animosity, email, by most measures, is not only thriving but also spawning a whole new style of publishing—one that promises to fill an important void in the modern media landscape.”

Hashtag mistakes

“Hack a brilliant hashtag

We constantly see brands trying to scale a boring hashtag, almost like they have no idea what hashtagging even means. Hashtags are used to notate trends, movements and sentiments, and if your brand hasn’t harnessed one or all of these things, then you should get out of the hashtag game.

At The Participation Agency, we always say that if you want to get attention, you need to do something attention worthy, and that goes extra for you, Mr. Hashtag.

To prove this point, we created a movement called #getupny. We started by asking 10 Instagram photographers to share their images with #getupny. We then wheat-pasted their pictures around New York and reposted these images tagging each user. This project scaled to more than 100,000 submissions in three months. It was a valuable lesson in creating sentiment, trends and movements to prove use case for hashtags.”

5 Mistakes Companies Are Making in Digital