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“If Don’s return to racing was a tribute to determination and perserverance, On’s sponsorship of the three-time Olympian is a lesson in loyalty. Don’s contract with the eight-year-old shoe company was due to expire after the Hawaii Ironman. Instead of walking away, On decided to re-sign him for another three years.

“Our brand has been founded around athletes and optimism and the true athlete spirit,” said David Allemann, one of the company’s three founders. “When (the crash) happened, our team was there with him and was experiencing it first hand. That was kind of a fight or flight moment and we felt that it would be completely contrary to what our spirit was in terms of athleticism and optimism if we walked away. So we decided to fight together with Tim.”

And Don, who has been involved in the sport since his teenage high school years, fought hard. As he worked himself back into shape, Hinton and On were there to capture it all.”

CMO and finance, plus ROI

“They might tell the CEO that brand awareness or consideration have gone up, but that isn’t what a chief executive wants to know. He wants to understand what marketing investment is doing to financial results. And that is an area too few marketers understand, according to Rajamannar.

the problem is that most marketers fall into one of two groups: they are either classically-trained and understand the 4Ps, consumer psychology and insight but lack knowledge on data and digital, or they are data-driven and digitally savvy but have a “shabby” understanding of the foundational principles of marketing.”

source: https://marketoonist.com/2018/08/roiofmarketing.html ,

Burger King Pink taxes

WTF time for change in 2019! …. Burger King Corporation seriously kicks #pink #asses and rocks it along the way:

“Overall, women pay

13% more for personal care products

8% more for clothing

7% more for girls’ toys

8% more for health care products

Source: NYC Department of Consumer Affairs,

credits: https://www.vox.com/2018/3/30/17179350/pink-tax-beauty-products-gender-inequality-women

Case study:

Two content mistakes

“First, companies don’t focus on a content area where they can be the leading provider of that information to a particular audience. To cut through all the clutter and build a loyal audience, they need to deliver amazing information.

The second mistake is consistency, he adds. “Generally, it takes 12-18 months for a content-marketing strategy to start delivering revenue of some kind,” Pulizzi says. “Sadly, most brands do not deliver consistently over that period. If we have a weekly newsletter, we should be delivering at the same day and time each week and never miss. Content is a promise to our customers. If we don’t deliver, they simply will forget about us and seek out other information.”


Opening sentences…

source: https://www.ragan.com/9-dreadful-opening-line-errors-that-will-doom-your-pitch/

Here’s my advice on avoiding mistakes in PR pitches, supported by the openers of actual emails, along with my italicized comments. (Fleur: this can also be used in general emails, content, and more)

  1. Don’t tell me what I already know.
  • “Brrr . . . it’s cold outside!”
  • “Winter has arrived in Chicago!”
  1. Don’t act as if you know me, unless you do.
  • “If you don’t read this now, you’ll hate yourself later.”
  • “We think this would be great for you!”
  • “I hope you’re doing well and staying warm. It’s quite cold here in NYC, but I know it has NOTHING on Chicago. I was a there a couple of weeks ago and thought I’d die!!”
  • “Hi Mark, I hope all is well! Are you getting ready to watch some NFL Monday Night football at a bar?”
  1. Don’t assume I know what you’re talking about.
  • “This is MJ from the Quarter team. I would like to introduce the Quarter Super Charge Powerbank to you, a PowerBank we developed to take advantage of the MagSafe.”
  • “Remember Aereo Inc., the startup that attempted to transform the pay-TV industry and was shut down by the U.S. Supreme Court on Jun 28, 2014?”
  • “Today the Illinois Blockchain Initiative announced its partnership with self-sovereign identity solutions leader Evernym, leveraging distributed ledger technology to provide secure digital identity solutions.”
  • “Teeny Drones, creator of the Teeny Drone – a speedy, durable and lightweight quadcopter; and SheDrones, an emerging nonprofit that will engage, support and train girls in unmanned aerial systems and related technologies, have announced a co-sponsored contest.”
  • “Are you covering ASCO this year or is someone else at the paper?” (No further explanation about ASCO. When I asked what ASCO was, the emailer replied that it was a big medical show and he was surprised I didn’t know all about it. But I wasn’t covering medicine.)

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Out of office for charity

“Every time you see a #message from a #charity, they’ve probably paid to get it there. And advertising is not cheap.”

Mindshare is planning to release #free software that allows companies and individuals to #donate space in their #outofofficeemail messages for use by charities. (…) estimates this space could be worth £1 for every thousand emails – the equivalent of £51,000 worth of media space each day in the UK.”