Web 3.0


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“the move to #web3.0 will take time and integration with existing online systems. The wheels have already been set in motion and the train has left the station. Web 3.0 is an revolution in motion, we are past the point of no return.” #privacy #data #blockchain

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Recycle content

1. Be creative.
Repurposing opens the door to a number of potential pieces of content. Why not take old social media posts and create a video highlighting your key messages? Another option could be publishing a collection of long-form writing into an e-book.
Whatever your goals, repurposing can allow you to create a variety of content to engage your target audiences. You already have the materials available and a frame of reference for how the content will be used; recycling old materials for a new purpose sets up a unique canvas to paint creative content.

2. Cover all your channels.
When determining what content to resurrect, you must approach it with an integrated strategy in mind. From a PR perspective, consider how this message would resonate with your target audience or elevate your organization’s thought leadership. From a digital marketing perspective, what is the SEO impact of the content’s title? In terms of content marketing, what interviews can be leveraged to create blog content? These questions will help you outline the best strategy for repurposing a piece of content to reach and engage with your target audience.

It’s important to remember that not every piece has to win a Pulitzer Prize. While producing polished content is important, as long as it’s fresh (i.e. not copied and pasted from somewhere else) and relevant (updated with new facts, research and information), then it gets the greenlight. Simple is often better.

3. Uncover new audiences.
How can your content attract new audiences?
Engaging with media is one way. If you pitch a killer story idea and get interviews with some industry publications, you could revisit the story months later with a new hook or with a different perspective. You could attract journalists with different niches, reaching untapped target audiences.

Effectively using social media is another fantastic way to find new audiences. Your organization can post on a new platform, generate content that adheres to the stories and formats that this new audience prefers, or employ paid social media tactics to get your message in font of new eyes

Keep in mind that repurposing content cannot be done blindly. You must ensure that you bring a new perspective to whatever content you are repurposing. Failure to do so can cause your content to fall flat with readers, overwhelm them, or even turn them away.

LinkedIn top content

Best read articles on LinkedIn in 2017

The top 10 articles fall roughly into three categories, and all of which tuck under the larger umbrella of “workplace advice.”

The first category of successful content uses the “one thing” theme, which purports to tell the reader something that can add a positive or remove a negative from his or her life. This sort of behavioral advice for the workplace crops up in three of the top 10 articles.

The second grouping relates to job interview advice, which also appears in three of the top 10 stories. These posts offer guidance for answering tricky questions, from “What’s your current salary?” to the dreaded “Where do you see yourself in five years?” Clearly, this sort of helpful, practical advice resonates with LinkedIn’s famously “professional” demographics.

The third category reveals the popularity of “great CEO worship.” Posts that highlight successful CEOs’ routines, habits, emotional intelligence or communication skills often go viral. If you’re ever unsure of what to write about, something about Elon Musk is a safe bet.