Agency management

Clients are to blame on agency behavior and transparancy

interview with CMO RBS on Digiday

Insights for Strategy

Use insights to define your brand strategy and identity. What we can learn from Jamie Oliver

in same category, what we can learn from Levi’s in the 80s.

GDPR 1year old

Results of 1 year GDPR on customer experience and UX are not good.

Free stock photography

Two great sites for free stock photos

Burger King trolls

Be inspired by Burger King, 7 examples

“7 Times Burger King Wickedly Trolled McDonald’s, and How It’s Boosting Sales. Grilling the Golden Arches has become BK’s signature move”

“Many of our ideas have been incredibly effective at building brand love and driving business results,” Machado tells Adweek. “It’s all about the tone of the brand. Our tone is fun, lighthearted and self-deprecating. We like having fun, and we can take a joke at the same time. That in my view is a condition for you to be able to poke fun at others. We don’t do things that are mean-spirited or that can come across as bullying. Fast food is a fun occasion. And as a challenger brand, we try to be the fun brand in a fun product category.”

Samsung YT strategy

“78% of viewers saying they wanted to see more episodes of the “/make” series” 

“17% of consumers who watched the episodes said they were more likely to buy a Samsung as their next smartphone, while Apple owners were 15% more likely to purchase a Samsung next.”

How @Samsung Electronics uses YouTube to reach out to customers.

3 content buckets YT

“95% of last year’s beauty content on YouTube fell into three buckets”

Read and learn from the beauty brands