1.01 Content example

Great example of 1.01 help content by FashionUnited on Denim. Distribution in a sequence, sent out by email newsletter.

Electric by VW


Quoted: “VW’s $50 Billion Moonshot Bet on an Electric Hatchback. The ID.3, slated to hit streets in 2020, is the first in the company’s huge pipeline of e-vehicles.”

“The ID.3, scheduled to hit the streets by midyear, is the first of at least 70 electric cars in VW’s pipeline. It will begin rolling off German assembly lines in November, and in 2020 two factories in China will start production, allowing VW to build more cars annually than Tesla Inc. has sold in its entire history. By 2022 the company expects to have eight facilities around the globe making battery-powered vehicles, from the ID.3 to cargo vans to Porsche’s four-door Taycan.”

“VW built its global brand after World War II with the Beetle. Then with sales of the Beetle tapering off, in 1974 the company introduced the Golf, which catapulted it to the top of the European industry. By applying that same sort of focus to its e-car push, “VW could wind up coming through the CO2 challenge as a winner,” says Tom Narayan, an analyst with RBC Capital Markets. “The ID.3 is the cornerstone of the whole thing.”

SEO organic ranking

Key takeaways:

“Most of our content wasn’t really helping us reach the goals we wanted to achieve. We analyzed 70 pieces of content over the span of two years and discovered that only about 16% of those articles were responsible for generating 84% of our leads. Not great.”

Organic search presented the best long-term opportunity for growth. Our sales from organic search traffic were three times higher than the previous year, and we weren’t even applying an SEO strategy. “

  1. We developed pillar pages.
    Pillar pages are pages on your site that serve as a content hub for a particular topic (or keyword) that you want your company to rank for in search engines. Instead of churning out a ton of content, we opted for quality over quantity.
  2. We optimized our existing on-site content.
    We identified other pages on our site that contained content that was similar to or overlapped with our pillar pages and redirected them to the relevant pillar page so that they didn’t compete with one another for rankings. Also, we took a hard look at our other pieces of blog content to determine whether we should update them.

McDonalds beats BurgerKing

Great read on effectiveness and consistency by Mark Ritson. Always check the sales data before your final verdict.

All about influencers

All news, updates, and insights on influencers and influencer marketing by IMA.



Simple, transparent and works like magic.

A simple goal setting system and to keep track of your progress is to use the ‘Objective and Key Results’ [OKR] methodology. It describes the brands ’what we think is important and why this is important’ plus the ‘how do we get there’ meanwhile smashing departmental silos. 

This quite blew my mind when reading the book. N=1, I never heard about this before and this feels like the best-kept secret of tracking progress. From my own experience implemented in two major projects for the Olympics and this book, it works like magic to keep track and be accountable. 

I like it because of its simplicity, transparency, openness and no-nonsense approach. It gives a tangible measurable direction with accountability and clarity. As all is written down, openly communicated and available for all employees in the company, everyone knows what everyone else is doing and can help each other. 

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Branding in Social Media Age

Long, super interesting read on how brands need to shift and use cultural insights to become relevant. Must read for all strategists and marketers.

Thanks to Anneke Schogt [IMA] for sharing

Read also: http://fleurwillemijn.com/insights-for-strategy/ on how Levi’s uses insight for explosive growth and how Jamie Oliver fails based on insights.