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Content lessons and stats

1. Content Shock is real
2. Less is more, or is it?
The annual Orbit Media blogging study contains some interesting findings.
Overall bloggers are spending more time on content production and producing less content, which makes absolute sense in a world of content shock. They are also writing more long form posts as we can see below.
3. Average Facebook engagement is declining
4. Video is dominating Facebook engagement
5. Headlines are all about the promise. ‘how to’s’ rock big time
6. Shares are not enough, you need links
7. Reddit as a content promotion platform
9. A picture paints a thousand words > picture monitoring

10 Things We Learned About Marketing This Year


Audience first

Audience first. Je maakt een website voor je publiek, niet voor jezelf.

Jij wil:                                                        Zij willen:

Bovenaan Google                                Vinden wat ze zoeken
Meer klanten                                         Relevantie
Bezoekers laten terugkeren            Duidelijkheid
Meer traffic                                             Antwoord op hun vraag/probleem
Positief imago                                       Begrip
Winst/groei                                            Tijd/geld besparen
(zoveel mogelijk) Vertellen              Luisterend oor
Producten verkopen                          Oplossingen
Sterk imago                                            Hulp
SEO                                                            Verhalen
…………                                                     …………

Kijk eerst eens wat ‘zij’ willen. Ga dan pas jouw website maken.

via Corhospes.nl

Goal GampPlan A Adidas

The goal of GamePlan A is not, however, to drive readers to eventually purchase running shoes or track jackets.

Rather, it’s to engage and retain employees, and build a unifying company culture through content that “tackles work-life with an athlete’s heart,” according to Director of Content Strategy and Content Marketing, Frank Thomas.

Why Company Culture is MVP of adidas’ Content Strategy: Q+A with Frank Thomas