Great Ads and Stories

“It sounds like a revolution,” Cooper said during a SXSW keynote. “Large corporations don’t like revolutions. They like predictability. They like incremental growth.”

But those corporations are quickly changing their tune. They’re realizing that the most effective way to find a hit is to strategically create content, test how it’ll connect with audiences, and then optimize the approach based on what they learned. Because if you’re going to spend millions to put your story in front of people, you better make sure it’s a story they’re going to love.


Ads: data and privacy checklist


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Checklist to maximize the potential of #ad #targeting: balance in #personalization and freaking out on #privacy 1. Stay away from sensitive information. 2. Commit to at least a minimum amount of transparency. 3. Use data judiciously. 4. Justify your data collection. 5. Try traditional data collection first.