Adidas brand building

Great read! why adidas shifts its digital comms strategy… “4 yrs ago its #attribution modeling was based on last-click and it didn’t do any #brandtracking. It also focused on #efficiency over #effectiveness, leading it to look at specific KPIs and how to reduce their cost rather than what was in the best interests of its brands.”

“Adidas introduced a new campaign framework with emotional, brand-driving activity at the centre. This was an attempt to connect with consumers around major campaigns three or four times a year, while at the same time Adidas ran advertising with a rational message.”

Adidas and dark social


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how Adidas uses dark social to build communities and has not solid solution for the measurement

Goal GampPlan A Adidas

The goal of GamePlan A is not, however, to drive readers to eventually purchase running shoes or track jackets.

Rather, it’s to engage and retain employees, and build a unifying company culture through content that “tackles work-life with an athlete’s heart,” according to Director of Content Strategy and Content Marketing, Frank Thomas.

Why Company Culture is MVP of adidas’ Content Strategy: Q+A with Frank Thomas


Gotta Love Adidas… “It’s in the hands of the creative industries to reinvent faulty materials, products, and business models. The consumer can boost the demand for change. But it’s up to eco innovation leaders, like adidas, to make change a reality. With this shoe we demonstrate what’s possible.”