Ryanair wants to be Amazon of travel

“And, in what Jacobs describes as the ability to “crowd source ideas from customer feedback”, it will launch a ‘rate my flight’ function on its mobile app, where customers can leave instant feedback after landing, alongside an Amazon-style one tap payment option where customers can pay for services such as express security checks and upgrades.”

Ryanair: ‘We want to be more like Amazon and Ikea than other airlines’

Amazon strategy


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Why Every Brand Needs an Amazon Strategy _ Shane Atchison _ Pulse _ LinkedIn

Why Amazon could be the next big player in music… “Amazon has the advantage of being a giant tech company with a massive customer base to which it can market its music service. Its wildly successful Echo smart speaker is also a natural vehicle for a full-fledged music subscription service, and Alexa offers more voice control functionality to Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers than it does to users of other services like Spotify and Pandora.”

[urlpreviewbox url=”https://www.fastcompany.com/3066532/tech-forecast/7-ways-streaming-music-will-change-in-2017-after-another-crazy-year”/