Compelling content has emotion


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“4 kinds of #emotionally compelling #content: funny, useful, beautiful, and inspiring.”

7 tips for reach

7 hands-on #tips to go #viral and get #reach, learn from the best and implement in your strategy

1. Distribute to the Proper Channels
2. Distribute Broadly if Something Catches Fire
Twitter: 10 times over two weeks (six times in the first four days, and 4 times over the remaining six days.
LinkedIn: Two times over two weeks on different days and different times.
LinkedIn Groups: One time.
Facebook Page: Two times over two weeks on different days and different times.
Google+: Two times over two weeks on different days and different times.
Pinterest: One time.
Instagram: One time.
3. Pile On with Paid Promotion
4. Surround Your Articles with Mix of Calls-to-Action
5. Links to Your Other Articles in Your Content
6. A Good Website Pop-up is a Must Have
7. Monitoring and Measurement Can Help You Seize the Day

Content strategy checklist

3 super simple steps “Planning a #strategy means nothing if you can’t make sure it stays on #track. With these boards in mind, you’ll be able to maintain a solid strategy, which is the key to comparing marketing efforts year-over-year. So set yourself up for success not only in 2018 but each year after that.”

The 3-Step Checklist to Plan the Ultimate Content Strategy

Content Strategy

Key Elements of a Documented Content Strategy

  • Define Business Objectives and KPIs
  • Identify Your Target Audience
  • Plan How You’ll Create Content – organizations hierarchy, workflow with roles and responsibilities
  • Create Exceptional Content:Article headline, Images, Content pillar, Internal tags you will associate with the piece, Format, Source (licensed, original), Evergreen or seasonal, CTA + editorial calendar format
  • KPI to measure success
  • Distribute Your Content
  • Measure KPIs

How to Create a Documented Content Marketing Strategy