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“Brands always forget that today’s decision-makers are primarily Generation Y and Z. These women now use Facebook as a source of information and socializing platform. So, we chose the platform where they were already living.”

“We have a KPI that 100% of the questions from mothers on the page have to be answered by our experts,”

A picture can change your vision on the world. BoredPanda gives a start. “To deny the stereotype that women wearing a hijab are weak and unhappy, Bored Panda collected a list of Iranian women street style photos, depicting them wearing hijabs proudly and simply looking incredible. Most of them come from a blog called The Tehran Times, the first street style blog from Tehran, aimed at showing the creativity and style of young Iranian women.”

No content is inherently boring. If you have something useful to say, don’t be afraid to say it over and over, keeping in mind these ordinary truths demonstrated by an out-of-the-ordinary flight attendant:

  • Revisit your core messages – with a twist.
  • Explore your old content for inspiration.
  • To get attention, pay attention.
  • Ask questions.