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Yes, there is a relationship between #SEO and #social. “Although Facebook and Twitter posts are treated like webpages, Google doesn’t index every social media post. Yes, even Google has its limits”

How does it work? Read more:

“Content marketers can learn from IKEA’s hands-on, multimedia approach by making an effort to understand their audience’s wants and needs, and developing their own ways of putting a face to the faceless consumer. Also, putting Keanu Reeves in a blonde wig to play a Swedish record producer is just a much more exciting content strategy than, “Hey, here’s a cool chair.”

IKEAs mission: to improve people’s everyday lives. Read of the brand’s exemplary content marketing efforts, which are many and varied and all revolve around their mission.

Marriott International wants to own the travel space. It has designs on becoming the world’s biggest travel publisher—to take publications like Travel + Leisure head on by putting content in front of consumers before they’re even thinking about booking a trip. Ambitious? Yes. But armed with new online travel magazine Marriott Traveler, the company just might do it.

The Marriott’s 65-person global content studio is part of the company’s mission to rethink marketing. “How does a brand that’s been around since 1927 continue to evolve and adapt and stay relevant?” asks David Beebe, Marriott’s vice president of global creative and content marketing. “You need to innovate.”