McDonalds beats BurgerKing

Great read on effectiveness and consistency by Mark Ritson. Always check the sales data before your final verdict.

Ethics and data

Why combining data with ethics and human common sense is so important

Insights for Strategy

Use insights to define your brand strategy and identity. What we can learn from Jamie Oliver

in same category, what we can learn from Levi’s in the 80s.

Metallica and Spotify data


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“You have an artist like Metallica, who changes their setlist on a city-by-city basis just by looking at Spotify data to see, which the most popular songs happened to be in that city,” Ek said. “We’ve never before been at a place in time where you could make as many informed decisions and understand your audience as well as we can do now as an artist.”


Web 3.0

“the move to #web3.0 will take time and integration with existing online systems. The wheels have already been set in motion and the train has left the station. Web 3.0 is an revolution in motion, we are past the point of no return.” #privacy #data #blockchain

tx Jacques Zimmerman for sharing