Campaign based on social data


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McDonalds does a coffee commercial. All based on data research and social listening they developed this campaign

data: people just want “coffee” and not the fancy smancy hipster sizzle. Hence, their “normal coffee” targeted at the “normal audiences” (source: Netbase)


Web 3.0

“the move to #web3.0 will take time and integration with existing online systems. The wheels have already been set in motion and the train has left the station. Web 3.0 is an revolution in motion, we are past the point of no return.” #privacy #data #blockchain

tx Jacques Zimmerman for sharing

Data for safety autonomous cars

#data for #safety, including for #autonomous #cars: “Geotagged information, like hazard light or fog light activation, emergency braking, and electronic stability control intervention, as well as other sensor data, is sent by individual cars to Here’s Open Location Platform, which then uses it to build up a picture of the state of the road network.”


GPS data for Audi Safety

Great use of #GPS #data in your mobile device: “Instead of crafting a 30-second #commercial with twisted metal and gallons of blood—these can be effective, but also easily ignored—the team developed a free snippet of computer code for website scripts. The #Audi Safety Code,”. Love it.