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“To be #data led, you have to look at small things”

“One thing we did was to put our #creative guys right there with the #developers. It’s simple, and digital development 101, but it worked,”

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ROI TV and social

TV advertising accounted for 71% of total ad-generated profit made by campaigns over three years – or the equivalent of £4.20 in profit for every £1 spent.

That compared with £2.43 for print, £2.35 for online video, £2.09 for radio, £1.15 for out of home, and £0.84 for online display advertising. Taken together, advertising created total ROI over three years of £3.24 for every £1 spent.

Short term data

Love #data “Short-term measurement hurts long-term potential”,

“Just because digital data is instant, we tend to read it in the short-term and plan it in the short-term. Yet this study suggests that we need a long-term measurement strategy for digital that allows us to understand how it works in both long- and short-term.”



Data in its’ context

“Because we can measure everything, we aim to be #data-driven.” … “But we’ve stripped out the specific #context of these people, these customers, and this moment in time. Luckily, we can learn what works in our specific context … but only by acting as constant learners who ask the right questions, not experts who profess to know the answer.”

Executives Are in Love with the Wrong Kind of Data