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“Interactive emails enable recipients to browse a mini-site embedded in the body of the email. Microsites within emails can even share live content, such as countdowns or local weather forecasts.”

Email subjectlines

  1. Start your subject line with an action-oriented verb – Treat your subject line like a call to action. Make your language enticing and you’ll inspire more people to click on your email.​
  2. Appeal to the emotions – Convey to your recipients that your email contains information that will make their lives better, easier, or happier. Marketing research shows that eliciting urgency, curiosity or excitement are ideal options for higher open rates.​
  3. Pose a gripping question – Try asking a compelling question that makes it hard to resist opening your email, such as “What are your customers saying?”​
  4. Keep it clear and concise – Don’t waste people’s time making them guess what’s inside your email. Serve it straight-up and get to the point.​
  5. Know thy audience – The more relevant the subject line is to your audience’s interests, the more likely they’re going to be eager to take a look at what’s inside your email.​


“#audiences prefer long titles 97 characters, #SEO best practices: #Google advises to limit titles to 60 characters. #Facebook headlines of 40 characters perform best. On #Twitter, it’s between 71 and 100 characters. On #Linkedin, between 80 and 120.” Read more:


  • Longer Headlines Improve CTR: Median CTR improves when headlines have more words and characters. Performance peaks at 90-99 characters and 15-16 words in length.
  • Use Numbers And Special Characters: CTR performance improves when numerical numbers and special characters ($, !, &, ?) are used in a headline.
  • Include Words That Relate To Your Topic: Including keywords that relate to the topic or category of your content will grab the reader’s attention and improved CTR performance.
  • ‘If It Bleeds It Leads’ Is Not Always True: When looking at both positive and negative words, the median CTR improves when positive words are used in a headline.

According to a Study, There’s a Good Chance You’ll Click This Headline Because It’s 97 Characters