Trots als fundament

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Over dat onderwerp kun je tal van tips online vinden. En ja, ik kan ook nog wel een leuk bluflijstje leveren:

-Ben je audience
-Durf anders te zijn
-Val op, verras. Vanuit je bezieling, brein en ballen
-Zorg voor kwaliteit. In woord en beeld
-Groei tot een expert in je niche
-Help, leer, informeer
-Vertel verhalen, verkoop geen producten
-Kappen met die business mumbo jumbo, weest menselijk
-Denk narratief

Maar wat zijn al die tips waard als het fundament van contentmarketing ontbreekt. Dat voel ik elke weer als ik voor een klant een opdracht uitvoer. Als er binnen een bedrijf geen trots bestaat, trots op het bedrijf, trots op collega’s, trots op het werk, dan kun je mooie verhalen verzinnen wat je wilt, maar dan blijven dat losse flodders in plaats van voltreffers. Want dan zullen je medewerkers die verhalen nimmer gaan delen. Nooit met trots uitdragen naar binnen en buiten.

Daar ga ik het in Cleveland dan ook over hebben. Over trots, over liefde, als het fundament voor contentmarketing. En dat geldt niet alleen voor B2B overigens.

Brand purpose or monetizing?


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Must read on #brand #purpose, opening the eyes….
“Bill Bernbach said that a principle isn’t a principle until it costs you something. today’s advertisers have turned that around — now it isn’t a principle until it makes you money”

Is this the end for brand purpose_ – Creative Review

Purpose and worthyness

#Purpose is not per se about being ‘worthy’. Nice and refreshing read.

“You can create a movement [with a brand like that] because you can create a lot of fun with it. The purpose doesn’t always have to be a lofty ‘doing good’ purpose. It’s about who it’s targeting and its mission. When you start to stretch your brand a bit far you can often lose your purpose.”

“There has to be a truth behind purpose. Where brands go wrong on purpose, and we’ve done it a few times at Diageo, is you create some purpose that has no relevance to where the brand came from or its roots, because it plays to something you think might be right.”

Boots and Diageo on why brand purpose doesn’t have to be ‘lofty’

Boots and Diageo on why brand purpose doesn’t have to be ‘lofty and do good’

Purpose marketing

“Facebook’s head of advertising said he expects more marketers to join the trend of purpose-driven marketing, following a series of Super Bowl spots that went beyond cute dogs in favor of more meaningful messaging.” “During the game, other brands also voiced support for various causes as purpose-driven marketing gained prominence. Budweiser and 84 Lumber both aired spots on immigration, Audi promoted equal pay for women and Kia promoted environmentally friendly cars.”

Facebook’s Head of Advertising Says Purpose-Driven Marketing Won’t Slow Down

“So, the why must come before the what. This seems obvious, but most marketers have no mission statement or core strategy behind the content they develop.”

  1. The core audience target: entrepreneurs and business owners
  2. What will be delivered to the audience: useful information, advice, insights, resources, and inspiration
  3. The outcome for the audience: growing their businesses

What companies know best will always be their products and services, but there are other topics that fall within their areas of expertise that offer far more value to consumers. … a study found that 74 percent trusts content from companies that educate them on a topic, but when those same companies include a product-focused message in their content, credibility drops by 29 percent.”

Your readers already know and trust that you’ll provide the best content about your products and services. They come to your site for product information, hours of operation, and pricing. They turn to your social handles for customer service and support. They might even check your blog for company updates.

And just because a brand creates content that focuses on emotion doesn’t mean it has to avoid direct advertising about its products. Dove is one brand that embraces all three layers of content creation. Sometimes, Dove touts the benefits of its soap versus competitors. Other times, it talks more generally about hygiene. But its most compelling and viral pieces of content are about personality and emotion.