5 mistakes in social strategy


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How to sanitize your #social #strategy. Nothing to add… just read it

  1. overestimate community
  2. no advertising
  3. distracted by flashy tactics
  4. do not use or understand data
  5. you act like a big brand and you are not


“#audiences prefer long titles 97 characters, #SEO best practices: #Google advises to limit titles to 60 characters. #Facebook headlines of 40 characters perform best. On #Twitter, it’s between 71 and 100 characters. On #Linkedin, between 80 and 120.” Read more:


  • Longer Headlines Improve CTR: Median CTR improves when headlines have more words and characters. Performance peaks at 90-99 characters and 15-16 words in length.
  • Use Numbers And Special Characters: CTR performance improves when numerical numbers and special characters ($, !, &, ?) are used in a headline.
  • Include Words That Relate To Your Topic: Including keywords that relate to the topic or category of your content will grab the reader’s attention and improved CTR performance.
  • ‘If It Bleeds It Leads’ Is Not Always True: When looking at both positive and negative words, the median CTR improves when positive words are used in a headline.

According to a Study, There’s a Good Chance You’ll Click This Headline Because It’s 97 Characters



Medium as publishing platform

If you want to claim your thought leadership on Medium, you need to get involved in the topic and be more than just pushing content

  • On frequent basis publishing and sharing content yourself about specific niche topics, e.g. ‘sustainability linked to automotive’ and ‘EV’ > Medium as a separate channel in the Content Calendar
  • Create a publishing strategy: what publishers on Medium to contact to have your story published https://toppub.xyz/ 
  • Setting up a formatting template: specs for visuals, for quotes, for editing, to make sure all our content items have the same look and feel. In basic Medium looks quite simple, however there are a few option that can make you content visually more attractive
  • Setting up a tagging structure to build upon our leadership
  • Setting up a following strategy: who do we follow and interact with
  • Setting up a sharing strategy: how do we use the platform to share our content and create awareness we are on Medium
  • Setting up a reporting

And the pro’s and con’s of publishing on Medium

Should you publish on Medium… or only on your blog?