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Content in newsroom for stories, even made NY times 🎄☕

Purpose and metrics of storytelling

B2B organizations “spend roughly the equivalent of 50 percent of the marketing budget on content, and 83 percent plan to increase that investment.” Yet, despite the increased investment, zero percent of these brands feel they are effectively tracking content ROI. That’s right, zero.

All of this data comes back to purpose. What is your brand trying to accomplish? And if you’re moving the needle, how are you going to ensure that your content success ultimately impacts the bottom line?

Storytelling Is Not a Strategy

“Research shows that consumers value experiences more than material goods, and that shared experiences connect us deeper to other people than shared consumption.The desire for amazing experiences is bottomless. It’s not enough to tell stories about priceless experiences. We need to align the stars for our consumers and help them create their own.”