5 mobile design trends


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“The average human’s #attention #span has dropped drastically over the last 15 years, now clocking in at less than that of a #goldfish. With the dominance of #video content surging in 2017, advertisers must adapt their content and deliver their visual brand message more concisely in 2018.”

6 Major technology shifts for Content

“Digital” is Disappearing” and “New Realities Are on the Rise” plus “Content Will Be Value-Driven”.

“The Google of the future will be more personal and more predictive,” said Goodwin. “It’s going to be sending you more ‘thin’ pieces of information as and when you need it. It could be a message telling you that you need to set off for the airport, or that the weather is surprisingly cold that day. The internet used to be about us going to it, but increasingly it’ll come to us.”In the future, we’ll see more anticipatory computing, according to Goodwin.
One current example of this is the Dark Sky app. It runs in the background of your phone and alerts you when it’s about to rain.

Read more: https://insights.newscred.com/technology-trends-content-marketing-strategy

Great social media content tips 2017

“… above all plan your content around your budgets and only create what you’ll have money to promote.”

1. Kill content calendars
2. Plan your media together
3. Adapt content to platforms
4. Measure what actually matters
5. Don’t be afraid of the dark


“… brands to think less in terms of specific media and more in terms of ‘content’ or ‘experiences’. The desire to achieve synchronisation across TV, desktop, mobile and digital outdoor screens is resulting in creative executions that are immediately transferable across all channels.”