Facebook next Netflix?

“the happier and more positive people feel about using Facebook, the more they’ll return to the platform. The more content they’ll consume and share. The more video and live broadcasts they’ll watch. The more they won’t mind being shown ads!! 😉 And, eventually, Facebook will win more exclusive streaming rights for major events, just like they’ve done for some sporting events, and the recent Golden Globes red carpet pre-party. (Keep in mind Facebook bid $610M for the Indian Premier Cricket League and lost out to a $2.5Bn bid!). Super Bowl on Watch one day, anyone?! 🏈”

📢 Three weeks into 2018 and we have three major Facebook announcements… what does it all mean? Check out my ❼ points…

Geplaatst door Mari Smith op vrijdag 19 januari 2018

Video strategy


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Next part of your #content and #social #strategy, is #video #strategy.  “Since video will be even bigger in 2018, it’s important that you develop a video strategy ready to compete in your market and measure your video view metrics on a larger scale so you know with confidence you’re receiving the largest share of the audience’s attention.”

Facebook longer videos

“#Publishers who are creating #content that will drive retention will start doing better”, “Most news feed #videos today typically run anywhere from 30 seconds to one or two minutes. Now, Facebook is signaling to publishers that it wants videos that are better suited for #Watch, which has shows with episodes that typically run for four or five minutes or much longer.”

Facebook will prioritize shows in the news feed, introduces pre-rolls for Watch