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Why #brand #awareness and your product #name are becoming more #important for #voice search.


Rayanair voice services

“Ryanair – Europe’s Favourite Airline customers will soon be able to use their #voices to search for and book flights and hotels. Their service goes one step further by integrating voice recognition across the #site and #app to allow customers to perform a range of actions including flight searches.

Further updates include a ‘Get me home’ feature on the app, allowing users to find their best route home and next available flight.”

Ryanair unveils voice-controlled booking in customer service focus

Voice control 2017 “Everything hears you, but nothing listens.” Too Many Companies Are Listening To What They Want To Hear. (…) the problem with a scenario in which you can talk to anything is that you’re no longer talking to one thing. Only so many ears can live in one room.